If there’s one thing I can profess to being addicted to (aside from running and baked goods), it’s shopping. I cannot resist a sale, and I’m always on the hunt for my next exciting purchase. So when you combine running and shopping, well, I’m one happy lady.

giphyFigure out a way to incorporate cake into that, and I’ll marry you.

A few weeks ago, I got my “Sock of the Month” email from ProCompression and immediately fell in love with the new design.

Capture1Orange Boom!

Something about it just makes me smile. I don’t normally go for orange or purple, in anything. But this really piqued my interest! And ProCompression has amazing sales almost every month where you can get a $50+ pair of high-quality compression socks for 40% off. I won’t run more than 5-6 miles without these babies, so needless to say, it was a guaranteed purchase. I just needed to find the coupon code. So I bookmarked the page and filed it in the back of my head to get them as soon as I spotted a 40% off code.

Cut to last Thursday when I got a happy little email in my inbox from Lululemon (aka the place I should be able to live in for 3-4 months because that’s how much I’ve spent there in rent money). They were having a surprise Online Factory Sale, for one day – or however long supplies lasted, which is a nice way of saying 4 hours. I sprang into action and snapped up the pair of Groove pants I’ve been stalking for months on sale for $59.

Capture7That’s almost half off!

It wasn’t until a few days later that one of my favorite running bloggers, Run Eat Repeat, posted a pic of herself chilling in my favorite Orange Boom ProCompression socks – with a 40% off code!

It was kismet. I quickly went online and ordered my new preciouses ™ and suddenly it dawned on me: where have I seen that color combo before?

photo 3

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

If there’s one more thing I love more than running and shopping and baked goods, it’s matching. And look what I did, without even realizing it! Now I’m stalking the shorts in the same color – because how fun and obnoxious will I be wearing the shorts and socks at the same time?!

I can’t wait 😀

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