My First Brick Workout

As my first sprint triathlon draws near, I’ve starting to feel the pre-race nerves kick in over the strangest things. For example, I had a stress dream last week about forgetting my sneakers, my bike having flat tires, a thunderstorm over the ocean at the starting line, and accidentally swimming with my phone in my pocket.


So to alleviate some of that stress, I’ve started checking things off my race-prep to-do list – one of them being my race day outfit. Initially I just thought I’d go to the store and get a tri suit and be done with it, easy peasy. Well, after driving around to 7 different stores for 5 hours on a Sunday with my poor cousin (and returning home empty-handed), I realized I’d have to resort to the trusty interwebs once again.

Enter – my cousin (who’s raced a few tri’s this spring already) got her outfit from here and loved it, so I took a look. To keep myself from getting too stressed out over multiple orders and sizing issues, I ordered basically half of the site in various sizes to ensure that I got it right on the first try. My credit card probably had a heart attack at the initial charge (frankly I’m surprised they didn’t call me about a possible fraudulent charge!), but the upside is that I finally found a suit that works!!

IMG_7069It’s by Zoot (who I’d never heard of before this), and after testing it out for a bike and run brick workout – my first tri-related double workout ever! – I’m officially convinced it’s the one!

IMG_7204 (2)This past Saturday, the schedule called for a 10K bike ride followed by a 1 mile run. Not bad in theory – I’ve been kind of doubling up with the DeskCycle during the day and running at night so this wasn’t a huge stretch, but putting the two activities together immediately after one another was an eye-opener. In a good way!

It was gorgeous outside – hot and not as humid as it had been all week – so I jumped into my new Zoot suit (sorrynotsorry), and set off. One thing I did notice was that the tri top rides up a bit, but I’m thinking some safety pins on race day will keep it in check. I cruised along at about 6:15-6:45/mile on the bike, which is a moderate effort. I could have pushed harder, but I wasn’t just looping along humming a song either. My legs were definitely feeling it the two times I stopped for water (I’ve since installed a bottle cage on the bike!), and once I hit 6.2 miles I was pleased with my time of 40:40. 10 miles would be a little over an hour, which I’m totally capable of!

IMG_7239Once I put the bike away, I set out for one mile and went by feel. Immediately I took off and found my leg turnover to be ridiculously fast. I’m talking like 9 minute miles fast – nowhere near my usual 11-12:00/mile pace! I must have been all warmed up and stretchy from pedaling the bike! I checked myself and slowed down to around 10:30, and at about the half mile marker, I flagged. The heat and full sun (it was 12:30 in the afternoon by now) were beating me down, so I walked where I needed and jogged slowly where I could, then took off again at 3/4 mile to finish at 11:24. Not gonna lie – I was shocked at how speedy that mile was after 40 minutes of biking!

IMG_7213 I wobbly-leg walked back to the shade of a nearby tree where we took the cooler out of the trunk and I downed a Gatorade so fast I think I can now coin the term “Gatorade Headache”. But it was so worth it – I’d just showed myself that I’m capable of so much more than I think! Sure it was just about an hour’s worth of work, but it’s something entirely new to me, this triathlon thing, and this workout proved that all the work I’m doing is paying dividends, and will continue to every day. And that’s pretty exciting if you ask me!

How about you: when was the last time you surprised yourself?

13 thoughts on “My First Brick Workout

  1. There are two ways you can take the comment I’m about to post: that I really care and I’m just trying to help a fellow athlete OR that I’m a pompous racer who just wants to criticize… it’s intended as the former, not at all the latter.

    That said, you need to raise your saddle on that bike about 2 to 4″. It’s way too low. There’s no way you should be able to sit in the saddle, flatfooted on the ground. More like barely one tippy toe and it should be a precarious stretch at that.

    With your knee bent that much (the left one, the one on the pedal), you’re robbing yourself of a ton of power. To put it simply, you have to working twice as hard to go 30% slower than your potential.

    Put your heels on the pedals at the axle (where the pedal connects to the crank arm) and pedal backwards… your leg should just barely straighten out at the bottom of the pedal stroke… I’d be willing to bet raising your saddle will knock at least a minute per mile off of your average.

    Good luck on your sprint!

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  2. I just started following your blog recently – so I figured I’d stop creeping and comment πŸ™‚ Finding that first tri outfit was the hardest for me!! My first tri, I definitely should have gone with better clothes – ended up wasting a lot of time trying to roll down clothing over a wet body! Second one, learned my lesson and paired an old skirt sports tri top and a danskin short. I had a lot of trouble with finding shorts! So many brands gave me that “roll” where the bottom is sort of elasticky. Great to hear you’ve got your gear down, that alone will help you roll along in the race. You can do it, and believe me, when you finish, it was be the absolute best feeling EVER. I felt like I could do ANYTHING that day πŸ™‚


  3. You’re always capable of more than you think πŸ˜‰ great job on the speediness. I love little surprises like that. Unfortunately I haven’t surprised myself in a while. lol

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