Pre-Race Paranoia

Stress fracture. Upper respiratory infection. Fever. Torn ACL. And that’s just the past 4 days.


(PS: DON’T Google “full body cast” at work unless you want an eyefull. Evidently that’s a fetish. Seriously.)

No, I’m not falling apart. I’m just deep in the throes of my least favorite part of running: pre-race paranoia. An achy foot, a few sneezes, a chill, and a twingy knee in the last 4 days all had me convinced that I’m destined not to make it to the starting line this weekend, when in reality I’m 100% ready.

And it doesn’t stop at imaginary illnesses either. Yesterday I’m not ashamed to admit that I left the office at noon and worked from home when one co-worker came in coughing every 3 minutes because of the “bad upper respiratory infection” he’s had for 6 days. If you’re here spreading germs, I’m out of here. The same goes for large crowds and public spaces – we avoided going pumpkin picking this past weekend because I was afraid of all the germy kids swarming around the farm. #sorrynotsorry.


Listen, any other week I wouldn’t care. I’m not 100% irrational. I know getting sick is a part of life and I won’t demonize the people around me for having weak immune systems. But if I paid $100+, trained for 3 months, and I’m traveling 2+ hours and staying overnight for a damn race, I’m going to do what it takes to stay healthy for the thing!


Am I the only one who goes insane with worry in the weeks leading up to a big race? What’s the most drastic thing you’ve done to stay healthy and in one piece before the big day? And no, I will not judge you if you say you wore a SARS mask in public, because I considered that but it would mean I’d have to go to a store filled with people to buy one.

9 thoughts on “Pre-Race Paranoia

  1. Just take it easy. Enjoy it. As you say, the hard part (training) is already done.
    I was having (kind of) the same problems before my Staten Island half this past Sunday. I got injured two weeks ago and then I got a cold so I did nothing for 11 days, but still found the way not just to run the race but finished it strong with a new PR (2:03). The race day is just the cherry that adorns the cake.
    Go and get it super girl. Have fun.

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    • Ah, the voice of reason has calmed my nerves once again, just like before the NYC Half last year ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you, friend – and congratulations on an amazing performance at the Staten Island Half! That’s a fantastic PR, you should be proud. I’ll be thinking of you when things get tough out there on Sunday, that’s for sure!


      • I know everything is gonna be perfect. Glad I could help somehow but nothing compare with your determination. Over 2 hours of running for sure are gonna give you plenty time to think about a lot of things and if any of those minutes includes me I’m gonna be very honored.
        Thank you for your congrats and support.

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  2. I was sucking echinacea drops straight from the bottle, way overdosing in the process. I even got used to the vile taste… all so that I could make it through 8 weekends of races! I have one race left, I’ve made it so far and when the hayfever played up yesterday I was convinced I was coming down with the plague!
    Good luck this weekend! I hope it’s awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

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