What’s On Your Calendar?

2016 is fast approaching, and with it comes a new chance to fill up the weekends with races and long training runs – one of my favorite parts of the new year! I’ve already started building my race calendar, and while I’m still waiting to hear about a few races (helllloooo, NYC Half Marathon lottery??), I’ve managed to come up with quite a list so far:

  1. NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K Β – I’ve unofficially (er, “officially”, now that I’ve said it here??) decided to enter the 2017 NYC Marathon via NYRR’s 9+1 Program by running 9 races and volunteering at one throughout 2016. The Joe K 10K is my first of 9 and while I’ve done Central Park a few times, I’ve never been in what’s probably going to be about 15 degree weather!
  2. NYRR Gridiron 4Miler – This is another “hey why not?” race that I’m adding to my calendar for something different to do in the throes of a tri-state winter, and to add to my 9+1 for the year.
  3. Atlantic City April Fools 11K – After getting serious runner envy when I see everyone running these races every year, I finally decided to sign up for my first 11K ever. Auto PR anyone? And because I’m not doing the AC Half this year,
  4. NJ Half Marathon – This is going to be my major goal race of the spring. Instead of running the Asbury Park Half like I’ve done for 2 years now, I’m finally doing this one instead. Just like the AC Races, I always get runner envy seeing people at this race and it usually falls the day or week after Asbury, making it impossible for me to participate. But this year I switched things up and it’s going to happen!
  5. NYC Triathlon – Holy crap, THE New York City Triathlon, enough said.

There are also some tentative races I’ve got in the pipeline, depending on budget, lotteries, and/or if I’m able to coerce others into joining my hair-brained schemes:

  1. The NYC Half Marathon – This is dependent on the lottery drawing next week. While I’d love to run this one again, I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t get it. It’s a lot for me to race two halves in one season, and it’ll clear up a lot of training time in February and March for me to run other smaller races for fun instead.
  2. The Asbury Park 5K OR Marathon Relay – Because I’m not doing the half here this year, I can’t NOT run in Asbury. It’s my favorite place to run in the world. I’ll definitely do the 5k, but if I can convince a few other people, I’d love to do the marathon relay! Any takers? πŸ˜‰
  3. The Runners World Half Marathon – This would be my ultimate goal race for the fall of 2016, but I’m not pulling the trigger yet, ONLY because I’m not sure if I want to go for the full monty and register for the whole weekend’s worth of races and do the 5k, 10k, hotel and everything, or if I’m just going to head into town for the race on the day. Budgets and timing will help me decide later on – either way, excited for this one!
  4. NYRR Central Park Spring Classic 10K – This all depends on if I get into the NYC Half, which is scheduled for the weekend before. Not sure if I’d be ready to race a 10K a week after a half, but stranger things have happened.

What does your 2016 Racing Calendar look like? Do you have any plans yet or are you waiting like me?

20 thoughts on “What’s On Your Calendar?

  1. Hooray to the NJ Half!! I’m going back for the 4th time in 2016. It’s still my favorite NJ race πŸ™‚ Hope to see you there!
    Also, in terms of the 9+1, it’s really good to get an early start on that. I would also suggest volunteering at one of the earlier races and signing up as soon as it becomes available. I actually volunteered for the NYC Half in 2012 and got to hand out medals because I got a volunteer spot really early on. It was pretty fun!

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  2. Love the NJ Half! It will be my 5th time racing this spring… and it is the only thing currently on my schedule. Hoping I will be lucky enough to bring my mom in to her first half marathon finish at this year’s, as long as she keeps thinking she wants to sign up!

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  3. I did the NYRR 9+1 program this year and it was awesome. The Gridiron 4M race was SO much fun! I did the Hat Trick for runners World this year – it was hard, but totally worth it and you’ll feel awesome with all your medals at the end!

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  4. Exciting list!! So far I’ve only planned 2 races for early 2016… I also have to look at budgets and also planning distances properly. I’m starting the new year with Star Wars Half at Disneyland and I’m going to run my first marathon in May where I live. Exciting times!

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  5. Most of 2016 is planned though the fall marathon is tbd due to work…starting to think about the winter 2017 event which sounds insane but there is room for flexibility and a few gaps to fill. Besides analyzing the race spreadsheet and lining up our race-cations and trips is fun! Next year the schedule has full marathons at Maui Oceanfront, Salt Lake, RnR Seattle (may drop to half), Missoula, and then one from Boise, Philly, or Indy pending work. Half marathons include Lake Sammamish and Fitone Boise with a couple TBD’s. So, I guess not completely booked but we have a pretty good idea of where we are heading!

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  6. This is a really nice mix of races. Maybe you could plan my racing year for me too πŸ˜‰ I haven’t even gone there yet. All I know is that I’ll be running (touch wood) the Paris marathon in April and I’ll probably devise a plan for the rest some time in January. I’d love to do the NYC triathlon, that’s gonna be amazing!

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  7. Nice schedule! I’m thinking the same thing about the RW half + festival. It’s usually the same weekend as the Baltimore Running Festival, which is my ultimate favorite race. I’m contemplating the Baltimore half on Saturday then (riding the pain train at) RW on Sunday!


  8. Awesome line up! I understand the waiting to see if you can entice others to join you in the hair-brained schemes lol that’s me everyday with my husband. I’m kinda like the dog in the movie Up. Instead of squirrel it’s like, oh look, “Race”! Ha. So far I have a New Year’s Day 5k, Biltmore half in March, 4 miler in April, marathon in April and the rest is undecided!


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