Happy Knees, Happy Life

Ever since my ACL reconstruction in early 2013, I’ve had knee pain. The surgery knee aches when the weather changes, and I’ve got patellar tendinitis in my “good” knee from favoring it so much post-surgery. To deal with the achiness, I turned to glucosamine and chondroitin (PS, don’t tell me these aren’t words, autocorrect. They very much ARE words). After surgery, my surgeon recommended I take them via a supplement to help with joint discomfort – but the pills were HUGE. Seriously, they’d get stuck in my throat and hurt all the way down… not fun. So I chose achy knees over choking and stopped taking them.

When when I discovered Joint Juice, angels sang. It’s the same stuff in those honking-ass vitamins, but in a tasty liquid that’s only 20+ calories per bottle. Full disclosure: Joint Juice hooked me up with a bunch of juice and asked me to talk about it here on the blog, but I was happy to do so because I was already a fan. I love reviewing stuff – and don’t hold back on my real opinions, even if they’re negative! – but when it comes to something you put in your body, like this supplement, I would never recommend something I didn’t use myself.

And use it I do! It doesn’t erase the pain entirely (nothing will do that), but the aches take longer to set in during a run, and go away faster afterwards. I also threw in a Plyoga class (hello, jump squats and side lunges), lifting, biking, boot camp, and other stuff that make my knees go “nope”, and never slowed down. Even last night’s 4 mile treadmill run felt like a breeze, and the treadmill is usually where my knees go to die!


Because I’m a science-behind-the-magic nerd, I learned that glucosamine occurs naturally in your body. We tend to produce less as we age (and piling on the miles doesn’t help either), so supplements like these actually do help. And chondroitin is a major factor in healthy cartilage, meaning that when you combine it with glucosamine, you get improved joint function and mobility.


Yes, that’s a mini fridge filled with Joint Juice and champagne. This is 32, guys.

Long story short, I highly recommend this stuff! If you’re looking for something to help your joints as you ramp up your spring training, you can find it at Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, or order at their online store. I dig the Cran Pomegranate flavor (if you couldn’t tell by the picture of our mini fridge up there), but the Blueberry Acai was delish too. Try it out and let me know how it helps you run happy!

Do you have any favorite supplements of your own? Any knee issue sufferers prefer something different? Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Happy Knees, Happy Life

  1. I don’t use any supplements but while running I stick to GU and honey stingers. As far as knee pain- I had a bought with ITBS and started to use the foam roller then. I haven’t had any issues since, and so swear by the roller! Good luck!

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    • The roller, yes! I love rolling but do you believe I don’t have one? Just the one that no one uses at my office gym lol – but I DO love The Stick. I got it for Christmas and have used it almost every day on my quads and calves. It hurts so good!


      • You really should get one! I have a small portable one that I use every day, before and after each run. I roll even on days that I don’t run. I think it’s significantly helped me in my running. Get one! 🙂


  2. ‘This is 32 guys’ love it! I’m 30 and have tart cherry juice stocked in mine. And I’m blogging on a Friday night. I swear by tart cherry’s super anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties. I had a weird lateral knew issue but I believe it was due to my shoes and weaker hips. Since focusing on trunk strength and stability, and switching shoes it’s calmed down.

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  3. Tart cherry juice is a natural anti inflammatory, which I recommend to my clients (I am a physical therapist ) however I have been too lazy to get some. As I am on my third serious injury this year, think I will wake up and start again, but def will try Jess ‘s stuff first. Haven’t been able to run since November due to knee issue 😔


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