Getting Faster by Becoming More Efficient

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of comments about how much faster I’ve gotten in recent months. While it’s taken a LOT of hard work and consistency on my part, I also I wanted to share a great resource that’s played a big role in my improvements in the past 6 months.


That used to say 12:15 avg. pace!

I met Golden Harper, the founder of Altra Running, back in October at the Runner’s World Half & Festival, and he shared some great insight with me on how to improve my running form.


Since then, I catch myself thinking “run proud” or “chicken wings!” nearly every time I run – and as you can see, it’s working for me!


Even if you think you’ve got your form down, check out his blog for tips on how to become a more efficient, low-impact runner and see if you can incorporate them into your daily routine!

Full disclosure: I AM an Altra Running Ambassador, BUT they’re not paying me for this. I just wanted to share this great resource in the hopes that it’ll help you as much as it helped me!

4 thoughts on “Getting Faster by Becoming More Efficient

  1. Thanks for sharing … what I am personally proud of is how my form has improved in terms of foot strike … back in the 90s/2000s I was much more pronate and would have one side worn out and the other nearly new … now I wear incredibly even and am a much lighter foot-striker, getting >1000 miles on a pair of shoes regularly!

    Keep up the great work!

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