Let’s Talk About Running and…

Part of my reason for launching a YouTube channel was to not only share my own stories, but to share the stories of other runners, because we’re more than just runners.

Today I’m excited to introduce my new video series: “Running and…”!

There’s so much great running-focused content out there. But what interests you beyond running? This series takes a closer look at the things that make us runners tick in the hours we’re not logging miles.

I’m kicking off this new series this week with my good friend Hollie (@fueledbylolz) as we chat about running and… swimming!

Let me know what other topics you want to learn more about from me or from other runners – and I hope you enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Running and…

  1. Oh, fun! Two of my favorites, together! I’ll have to watch this one, although I have no way to access a swimming pool right now. I’m trying to think of other unique “and…” things that runners might do. There are those who find treasures (Carlee McDot – I’m sure you know her?) and those who pick up trash (not sure of anyone specific). What about running and working with a group of kids? Like runners who combine training with working for Girls on the Run? I’d also like to see running & biking, as well as running & yoga, if you’re thinking more physical activity options. Just some random ideas on a Sunday pm. Sorry!

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