(Not Quite) 10 Questions With…

Vogue or Work Bitch?

Driving or flying?

Super Mario or Zelda?

At the end of each interview, I ask my guests a series of rapid fire, just-for-fun questions. Here’s what Hollie (who you’ve met on “Running and…”), and Kevin and Alex (who you have yet to meet), had to say when it was their turn on the hot seat.


3 thoughts on “(Not Quite) 10 Questions With…

  1. That was a lot of fun – I always love hearing these sorts of quick questions, so much fun and makes me look forward to more of your full interviews! 🙂

    Also makes me realize how generational some of these can be … like Madonna / Britney and Avengers and so on. I guess so long as I can be happy that Star Wars remains relevant and I don’t have to feel like my parents discussing the Rat Pack or Frankie Valli or whatever. At least for a few more years …

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