Strut Your Stuff Sign Co. Review & Giveaway!

In early October, I was approached by a virtual friend on Instagram about doing a review of the awesome Strut Your Stuff Sign Company. They sell gorgeous handmade medal displays and race bib holders with inspirational slogans – seriously, these things are beautiful. They’re definitely nicer than my sad attempt at a homemade medal holder that falls off the wall every time our front door closes, I’ll tell you that.

So needless to say I was super stoked to come home after this weekend’s half marathon runcation to find my medal holder waiting for me on my kitchen table (thanks for bringing it in, mama-in-law)!

photo 3Hello, lover!

I tore into my goodies and found a perfectly nice little note and a *very* well packaged sign – seriously, it took me a good ten minutes just to get all the bubble wrap off. But on the plus side, I now had a pile of bubble wrap to annoy my cat with. Win-win!
photo 4Sorry, Lucy. Bubble wrap is Mommy’s kryptonite.
Inside that box of joy was the most perfect, professionally-made sign I’ve ever seen! I ordered the “Find Your Happy Pace” in Navy – because the color matches my decor and well hey, if it has “happy” in it, it was meant for me, right? And when I took it out of the package I found that it was really a solid piece of work – even bigger than I had originally thought it would be. The sign was slightly distressed (on purpose) on the edges to give it that homemade feel, and the lettering wasn’t just painted on – it looked like this thing came pre-made, it was that well-crafted!
In the box I also found the little envelope with the medal and bib hooks that I had to screw in by hand – they’re packed separately so the sign doesn’t get damaged in shipping. After the first few, my fingers started to get tired and found that twisting them with a dishtowel saved my fingertips a lot of struggle (live and learn!). It really was so easy to put together, and within 5 minutes I had myself a perfectly assembled rack, ready to hang!
photo 1Can I hang it on my front door? Please??
I was so excited that this weekend’s half marathon bib and medal would be the first things to christen this new sign: a new PR and a redemption race all in one would make a great story – and the medal was HUGE! Seriously, if I hung that thing on my old pathetic little one-hook holder, it would have taken the whole wall down.
10636131_10100337289815589_6323429845577730058_nYou think this is a GAME?
So I grabbed my hammer and a couple nails, used this nifty trick (slightly modified) and in minutes, I had a gorgeous new rack to hang my lovely medals on!
photo 2
photo 2
photo 5
I’m in love!
One thing to note: I had a little bit of difficulty hanging all of my differently sized bibs on the pre-spaced hooks on the left there. UNTIL I found the other little envelope in the box, containing these nifty little swirly circles:
photo 1
It dawned on me that these would give my bibs just enough room to move around and fit perfectly – which you can see above they do! Unless of course they’re for something else and I’m using them entirely wrong. In which case, oh well, they work so I’m leaving it ๐Ÿ™‚
All in all, if you’re in the market for a high-quality, fully personalized medal display rack, I highly recommend Strut Your Stuff Sign Co.ย Theyย come in a variety of gorgeous colors and shapes so you’re sure to find something to match any decor or space. Andย theyย don’t just doย running displays either – they’ve got holders for triathlons, marathons, gymnastics, and even Spartan races too.
Interested in snagging a display of your own? Well, Strut Your Stuff has given me twoย – yes, TWO – gorgeous bib and medal displays to giveaway! “Keep Calm and Run On” in Chocolate Brown and “The Miracle” in Charcoal Gray:
image (1)
I’m holding the contest here on the blog as well as on my Instagram feed – you can only enter once on each site, but if you enter on both you get double the luck! To enter on the blog, simply leave a comment on this post about theย medal you’re most excited to display. To enter on Instagram, check out my post there for rules. I’ll pick one winner per site and announce them in both places on Wednesday, October 29th – so spread the word, and good luck!!

33 thoughts on “Strut Your Stuff Sign Co. Review & Giveaway!

  1. I am new to running and currently building up my distance, i struggled 6 weeks ago to run 2.85 miles and now im up to 8 miles. i havent done any big races yet but next year i am going to sign up to the Bristol 10k and the Bristol Half Marathon so will have 2 medals i will want to display. I ran the 5k color run in london this year in June so already have one bib but that came with a T-Shirt. I would love to hang this in my hallway to remind me everytime i walk in and out what an achievement it is for me to run. i used to weigh 17.2 stone and i am currently down in the 12’s (previously in the 10’s but due to poor nutrition and binging gained 3 stone back) i am aiming to get down to the low 11’s but my goal is to be the best runner i can be, i may not be fast but i am determined and i never stop i always keep going until the end of my run ! i would absolutley love to win one of these as it will spur me on even more to complete more races in the future ! running is such a mental battle and anything to help is much appreciated !

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  2. as someone who is still new to this whole thing i have no medals *YET* however i am pushing myself farther than i had ever imagine possible and will continue to do so!! 2015 i have my sights on my 1st 10k and my first muderella!!! i would love to have a place to hang my bibs (currently in my work office) and a place for motivation to get keep pushing and get those medals i deserve for my hard work!!! IN LOVE with the miracle one!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I would love to win one of those beautiful medal displays! I’m running my first half marathon next week so that would be the medal I’m most excited about displaying! After 2 1/2 years of running, a handful of 5k’s and 1 10k, 2 babies, 70 pounds gained and lost, and losing my beloved grandfather, I’m going to be very emotional when I hang that medal around my neck!

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  4. What a wonderful review! I’ve been looking for a display to get my stuff out of the shoe box using & if I don’t win I think I’ll still buy one. The medal Im most excited to display is my first 10k one I earned last month! But many more will be in my future ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. I would definitely be excited to showcase all my bling but especially my Perfect 10 medal I got yesterday! Even when finishing last, the crowd made me feel like a first place finisher!!

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