Race Weekend – The Aftermath

The rest of the day after the race was spent doing whatever the heck I wanted to do! After hobbling back up to the room for a quick shower, we celebrated with my cheering squad at The Continental on the Pier (French onion soup dumplings. I guarantee your life will never be the same).

IMG_8212Jenny & Julia went home so Mike and I went up to the room to relax for a bit. Or, he napped and I tried to nap but couldn’t stop scrolling through my Instagram feed to see all of my fellow runners celebrating their own victories that day! I was still kind of jazzed up and Twister was on the TV and well, I didn’t nap.

So around 4:30 we made our way down to the pool and spa, where I tried to stretch out my legs (major ouch by now!) and floated around to kill some time before my massage.

IMG_8234 IMG_8235Once 5:45 rolled around I headed into the spa and met Iris – AKA the woman I will one day marry for her amazing masseuse powers. Seriously, after 50 minutes on her table I was practically purring.

IMG_8237 IMG_8265After she poured me out of her massage room and I wafted back up to the room, I pulled myself together for a final celebration: allllll the pasta I could eat at Buca di Beppo!

IMG_8249I’d never eaten there and was pleasantly surprised at how delicious it was! The penne vodka wasn’t overpowering and even had some crushed red pepper, which I usually don’t like but LOVED on this dish. I had to green it up with some broccoli though – gotta get that fiber.

IMG_8247And that wine. ALLL that wine.

Between the early wake up call, the running 13 miles, the non-stop carbs and the wine, by the time the check came I was done-zo. You know how a baby rubs its eyes when it’s tired? Yeah I had all but rubbed the makeup clean off my face, and was about to use the leftover penne as a pillow for a quick nap.

But I pulled it together long enough for a quick visit with Mike’s other cousin who works security at Caesar’s before heading back up to the room to crash in bed at 10:30 with the Fresh Prince and this magnificent cupcake:


I can still taste the deliciousness…

The next morning we packed it all up and I squeezed my poor feet into my new Brooks for the ride back home, where I worked from my kitchen table for the rest of the day. And if you were wondering, yes: I did wear my medal all day 😉


All in all it was a fantastic way to wrap up my race weekend, and I can’t wait to do it again soon! With that said, when’s the next race? 😉


4 thoughts on “Race Weekend – The Aftermath

    • The massage definitely helped! Although I’m used to ice baths after long runs and didn’t get a chance to do that this time, so I did notice a little more residual soreness on the Tuesday after (who knew?!) –
      Oh and that cupcake… ohhhh that cupcake! It was from the little cupcake shop in Bally’s Wild West, it’s new! Between the crab-topped cheese fries at Caesars and the cupcakes at Bally’s, I’m about to go down there again just for the food!

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