It’s a Marshmallow World (and now I want cocoa)

Have you seen this Target commercial yet? The Christmas-themed one with the little girl running around a scary-ass, toy-filled Alice in Wonderland themed hellscape with a dog wearing booties?

Yeah, I don’t enjoy it either.

Now, it’s currently November 18th. And I estimate that I’ve seen this commercial about 3,945 times in the last two weeks. Because, you know, nothing says Christmas like November 9th.

I know I say this every year – and I see it every year in the news and hear about it from my friends and coworkers too, so I’m not alone – but are they airing these commercials earlier and earlier? I swear it used to be that you didn’t break out the jingle bells until December, Christmas decorations didn’t hit the stores until Black Friday, and we held off on fa-la-la-ing until like the week or two before the 25th.

At the risk of sounding like a scrooge (too late), I hereby rebel. Nay – I RAGE against the Christmas machine! I want to enjoy the holiday at its core: family, food, love, food, sharing, food, caring, wine… that’s what Christmas is all about, man. And frankly, if I start celebrating now, I won’t have any pants that fit come December 25th. So I’m calling a yuletide boycott until Friday, November 28th.

No list-making, no ho-ho-ho-ing (okay, maybe a little ho-ing, a girl’s gotta eat), no carol-singing, nada. Who’s coming with me??

6 thoughts on “It’s a Marshmallow World (and now I want cocoa)

  1. I’m like 95% with you. I usually wait until Thanksgiving week, and try really hard to actually wait until AFTER Thanksgiving, but I just love Christmas so much! But I do agree that Nov 1 is far too early (I started seeing Christmas commercials that weekend), and stores especially SHOULD NOT play Christmas tunes until after Thanksgiving. Drives me bonkers and makes me not want to shop there!

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    • Yes!! I’m allll for the christmas spirit once Thanksgiving is over – heck, I hold off on playing any of my Christmas CD’s until then, it makes them more special!
      But it’s pretty stomach-turning to see the Christmas trees up for sale in Kohl’s before Halloween (seriously, they were up in September by us). No way, Jose!!


  2. I agree wholeheartedly! I used to think it was fun to start hearing all the Christmas joy after Thanksgiving. I think it gives that month between the two holidays even more special meaning if you don’t start the holiday season so early.

    But my biggest gripe with the holidays doesn’t have to do with Christmas. I think the biggest downer of all is how Black Friday actually starts earlier and earlier on THANKSGIVING DAY now! Thanksgiving is about spending time with your family and being grateful and appreciative for what you ALREADY have in life. I’ve heard that there are some retail stores opening up around 3pm on Thanksgiving this year. Pretty soon there won’t be any more actual holiday spirit, it’ll all be run over by materialism and that makes me a sad panda 😥 But at least my family’s on the same page and we much prefer the company than the shopping! Haha, sorry for the rant. You’re clearly not the only one against the crazy holiday push.

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    • OMG I am 100% with you on the Thanksgiving shopping thing!! It makes me so angry – and of course, once one store does that, they’re all going to do that to compete. I don’t blame them, but it still doesn’t make it any better!
      I worked in retail all throughout high school and college, and I had to work my fair share of Easters (hey, Kmart was open!), but I feel so bad for the folks who have to work Thanksgiving now. Soon it’ll be everywhere.
      And don’t worry about ranting, that’s the name of my game, man – I could rant for days! 🙂


    • (The Christmas-creep went out of control this year when I saw Christmas cards and decorations out NEXT TO Halloween stuff at the end of SEPTEMBER. Nope.)


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