Your Happy Weight

I know that the subject of weight can be a touchy one, but if losing over 100lbs has done anything for me, it’s to not be sensitive to that number on the scale. So today I’m going to share my actual weight to show you that the number on the scale isn’t everything! Are you ready? Here goes: as of today, I weigh 170 lbs.


Even my doctor doesn’t believe me when she weighs me!

But that’s not what matters – and here’s why:

About 10 years ago, I weighed 275 lbs. My goal weight was 150, but there was no real science or logic to why I picked that number; it just sounded “healthy”. So with 5 years of hard work and healthy eating, I hit my lowest weight of 155 in 2010 – and I was miserable! Even with obsessive calorie counting and multiple workouts a day, I still couldn’t hit my arbitrary “goal”. I felt like a failure so I obsessed over my body image and hated myself even more. Then I found running.

Through 2011 and 2012, I built muscle and gained weight – or at least, the number on the scale went up. Then my injury in October 2012 caused even more weight gain and muscle loss, bringing me up to an unhealthy 176. But once again, I worked hard and shed fat to build muscle, and now I’m currently at 170.

Now my old “goal” weight is nowhere in sight. But here’s the catch: I’m ok with that! Because instead of starving myself just to get to some arbitrary number, I’m learning to eat when I’m hungry, I’m learning to follow my body’s cues, and treating my body with respect by fueling it right and working out regularly. Sure, I’m nowhere near perfect – but I’m happy!

In short: Don’t beat yourself up over a number on the scale. Sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down, but as long as you do your best every day, you’re winning!

10 thoughts on “Your Happy Weight

  1. Love this! And it’s oh so true. I got down to 143 and it was too much – too much obsessing, too much counting, too much tracking, and I was NOT happy. Now I’m sitting at 155ish and I’m very cool with that. Yes, I could be smaller but I’m so much happier now!


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