My Favorite Running Playlist

For as long as I can remember, music has been a solid part of my life. My father has played in a band since he was old enough to hold a guitar, rocking on everything from guitar to bass to singing too. He instilled that love of music in me from day one – hell, I’m even named after an Allman Brothers Band song! He brought me up on every different kind of music you can imagine: Madonna, Van Halen, BTO, the Monkees – nothing was off limits.

Because I was raised on such a musical foundation, I’m always looking for new and different music to score my every day life, including my running!

My “RUN” playlist is constantly in flux as I grow tired of some songs and discover new ones. But to discover more, I figured I should put some of my favorites out there to see if it’ll get you in the sharing mood! So here’s a snapshot of my current running playlist – take a listen and see if you can’t find a new favorite!

Now that you’ve heard some of my favorites, what are some of yours? I’m always looking for new tunes, and can’t wait to hear what gets you moving and grooving!

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