2015 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon: I’M IN!

OMG you guys, I am dying right now – somebody pinch me, because it’s actually happening:


I’m officially running the NYC Half Marathon on March 15th, 2015!!

After having such an amazing time running the streets of Manhattan in the NYRR Dash to the Finish Line 5K, I knew I had to race in NYC again, stat. So after seeing a few emails and online ads about the NYC Half , I thought “Wouldn’t that be cool?” and applied for entry, never expecting to be picked. I mean come on: I’ve only run one other NYRR race, I’m not a member, and I was brutally honest about my 3-hour predicted finish time. Why would they pick me?

My cousin ran this race last year and told me that they charged her entry fee before she got her acceptance email, so I began my day by obsessively refreshing my online bank statement. I didn’t have to wait long, because that magical NYRR charge popped up at 9am on the dot!! To make sure I wasn’t seeing things, I clicked over to my NYRR Account page and nearly screamed: there was the half, in my “Registered Races” section. I was in!!

So now I’m officially running my next half marathon in just over 3 months, and the Asbury Park Runapalooza a month later! My approach to running lately has been all “Meh, I’m not training for anything,” to “HOLY HELL I’M TRAINING FOR TWO RACES IN A MONTH?!”

This’ll be new for me, running halves so close to one another. Any of you super runners have any recommendations? Words of wisdom? Or even better- is anyone going to be racing that day? I’d love to meet some of you!

4 thoughts on “2015 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon: I’M IN!

  1. I’d recommend doing the first at about 80-90% of your full intensity and have some easy runs afterwards.
    I don’t know your body, but I think that COULD mean you’ll have an awesome time at your second half that month.
    Good luck!


  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I considered doing this race, but I already spend a bucket load of money on races so I couldn’t bring myself to pay for this one. But now that I know you’ll be there, maybe I’ll make a trip to the city that day to meet you near the finish 😉 Good luck, Jess! You’ll be fine training for both half marathons. One thing I would do is maybe pick which one you want to be your goal race. If you pick the first one, train hard for that and run it with all your heart. Then take recovery seriously and if you feel good, you MAY even be able to race the second one as well. If you pick the second race as your goal, use NYC as an especially long training run 🙂


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