From Zero to Two (Half Marathons)

So how is it that I went from absolutely loving the “no race to train for” off season to suddenly having only 12 weeks to prep for two half marathons only a month apart? Hmm…

3196d892ad5b284ae2f5800994bf804aThe truth is I’m not really sure what happened, because the fact that I got into that first race was pure LUCK!

On Black Friday I got a reminder email for the Asbury Park Runapalooza Half Marathon in April, and finally signed up. I knew I wanted to run this one again – it was my first post ACL surgery half  marathon last year and I loved it. They’ve finally repaired the last remaining parts of the course that were still damaged by Hurricane Sandy (plus I just really adore Asbury) so it was a given.

Cut to the following week when I threw my hat into the ring for the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon (scheduled for a month earlier than Runapalooza), never expecting to get in. It was a total blind try: my first time trying to get into anything NYC related that wasn’t guaranteed, I’m not even an NYRR member, I was brutally honest about my 3 hour predicted finish time; to say the odds were against me would be an understatement. But wouldn’t you know it, the Running Gods smiled upon me, and I got in!

So within about two weeks I went from leisurely starting my serious training around the middle of January to “Holy crap I’m running two half marathons within a month of each other with 12 weeks to prep!”

Have you ever found yourself in a similar position? I know I’ve asked about running semi-consecutive races like that, but does anyone have any advice (aside from “don’t fall in the first race”), or other training resources for a condensed schedule? HALP!

3 thoughts on “From Zero to Two (Half Marathons)

  1. You crazy girl! I’ve never done consecutive races bigger than 5k (neither of which I was actually “racing”) so I’m no help. Just take it easy, do some training, and you’ll be great!


  2. You will do great! I would say prepare like you normally would to make sure you’re ready for the first half in March. Then, if you get yourself ready for the first race and let your body recover afterwards (take some days off and cross-train), you will not need to worry about being ready for the second. Your body will already be prepared 🙂


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