Funny Running

I love the internet. I mean, without it, I wouldn’t be talking to you right now.

But in addition to bringing total strangers together to talk about shared interests, the web has also made it so much easier to find funny shit to laugh uncontrollably at – especially funny shit about very specific shared interests, i.e., running.

Case in point: I’ve found a handful of funny running pictures that dissolve me into giggles every time I see them. I’m delighted to find a new post on Instagram or Facebook or wherever – but usually I’m giggling alone because my husband doesn’t find the humor in the word “fartlek” (wtf? it’s a funny word!!)

So I’ve decided to share with you some of my favorite running memes, in the hopes that I make you smile, even if you do so by yourself and your loved ones wonder what’s so damn funny. Enjoy!






I think that calls for an extra medal.


so cheesy… until you get to the end!




True Story: This just happened this weekend.



How about you – do you have any favorite running images or funny memes about our beloved pastime? If you do, please share the love!

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