Taper Time

I’m down to 3 days away from the United NYC Half Marathon, and I just have to say one thing: I am FREAKING the heck out.

My logical side says – calm down! It’s 13.1 miles! You’ve run that a  handful of other times. You’ve had more long runs this training cycle than in any other cycle before it. Hell, you’ve even run double digits in driving snow and wind, you can do anything! You’ve even ran during your vacation last weekend, when by all accounts you earned a few rest days.


But really, how could you NOT run in a gym that time traveled from 1982 to be with you?

You’ve added strength training and cross training and only strayed from the schedule twice when you were too sick to run. You’ve run on the treadmill, outside, done hills, sprints, squats – you’ve done everything right!

IMG_3197Including that last long run on Sunday that kind of sucked.

By all accounts, I’ve got no reason to panic. So WHY am I lying awake until past midnight every night, having stress dreams about missing the starting gun, and unable to eat more than a few bites of food at a time? Why do I find myself wanting to binge on cupcakes and Reese’s cups until I physically can’t run on Sunday?

IMG_3167Sweet, delicious Reese’s…

The short answer? Probably because I want to run my best race yet. Because I’m a perfectionist and my Type A personality can’t handle the stress of the unknown.

But what it all comes down to is this: it’s normal. I do the same thing with every half I’ve run before, and every time it’s gone amazingly well. And if I did a poll, I bet most of you experience some degree of taper-time nerves too. Maybe not to the semi-insane degree that I experience them, but still nerves.

So what’s a girl to do? Well, today I’m taking a half day off of work, and I’m going to relax for an hour at home before I head into the Expo in the city to pick up my bib and attend a special Invite-Only Instameet Party hosted by NYRR tonight (eek!), and I’m going to have a glass of wine when I’m there. I’m going to soak up every minute and breathe and smile. Then tomorrow I’m going to take my last shakeout run, Saturday I’m going to rest and get to bed as early as I can.

And on Sunday, I’m going to run my best race yet. I guarantee it.

10 thoughts on “Taper Time

  1. Second time I’m trying to comment here.

    Love the Reeses, just stay away from them until after the race. Best of luck on Sunday! And not a line about your News 12 interview? Alert everyone on your blog — post it please!


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