An Ode to Vitamin D (aka Spring Running is the Best)

Now that it’s still light enough after work for me to get some miles in, I’m 100% loving it.

Last night I went for an easy 4 miles after a particularly tough work day. It was a bit chilly, and I am admittedly a big baby when it comes to the cold weather, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and the sunset was shaping up to be a beauty. So out I went.

The first few miles were my typical post-work weekday training miles: full of huffing and puffing for the first three quarters, with a final mile of bliss. I trudged through the creepy tunnel next to my house and up the hill to Broadway, adding some distance going up and down the side streets as I went. This slightly different route got me to the waterfront park just in time for sunset, and it turned out to be one of those moments that makes you grateful to be alive:


Seriously though – I don’t know if it was the runner’s high creeping up on me, the extended sunshine, the impending warm weather or what, but it was pure bliss. This week at work has been particularly stressful and I’m not even very well rested either. But it was all forgotten once I got to the gazebo up there and took a minute and breathe in the air, listen to the sea gulls talk to each other, and capture the moment.


In past training cycles, I found myself getting so caught up in the number of miles that I “had to” run that I ended up losing the joy of running. I just ran to get the miles done and that was it. The faster I got it done the sooner I could go home and relax. Not this time around.


I’m pausing to take the photos, stopping to listen to the waves, taking that side road to see where it goes, even if it adds mileage or keeps me out a half hour later and pushes dinner back a bit.

As I pile on the miles and fall into a more regular running/training routine, I find that I’m more psyched up to run and less inclined to be lazy. On the contrary, it’s like a positive feedback loop, where the more I run, the more I want to run. It really is true what they say about running: you get out of it what you put into it!

What about you: Have you been feeling a pep in your step because of all this extra daylight we’re getting? When was the last time you stopped during a run to take a nice picture or really soak in the moment? What did you find when you did? Share!

10 thoughts on “An Ode to Vitamin D (aka Spring Running is the Best)

  1. Such a beautiful run that you had 🙂 I love when the sun is just perfectly setting or rising like that.
    Unfortanetly I wake up so early to run that my runs will still be in the dark for a while. but on weekends I get to enjoy the sunlight. and I’m loving it also.!


  2. I completely understand how you feel.. sometimes, it’s best to just enjoy the run, rather than think about how long we have to run or how many miles we have left to do. I honestly think I need to think outside the miles nowadays, so I can really enjoy and look forward to my run!


  3. Love it when the weather gets better. Training in the winter, sometimes what motivates me is the thought of getting up on those warm summer mornings! In the UK we’re just starting to see more daylight and I’m so relieved! Although right now im facing the prospect of a morning run in the freezing cold rain…ah well!


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