My 5 Year Runiversary


Happy Runiversary to me!

5 years ago today I ran my first race ever to raise money for breast cancer research in honor of my amazing mom, in a little, now-defunct local race. It was hotter than hell and around mile 2.5 I vowed never to race again, but by the end of the race I fell in love with the whole experience and knew I was hooked.

Countless miles and races later, my mom is still cancer-free and I can’t wait to see where running takes me in another 5, 10, or 50 years! 😄💗

When is your runiversary? How many years will you celebrate this year? Share your story in the comments!

6 thoughts on “My 5 Year Runiversary

  1. Happy Anniversary! I ran my first 5k in May 2009, then my first half marathon in 2010, so right in the same ballpark as you, though not nearly as fun of a story. Mostly just wanted to prove I could do it (to myself… and to my 70-something secretary who constantly bragged about her running), and turned into a pretty darn great hobby, especially after dragging some family/friends along for the ride with me 🙂


  2. Happy runnerversary!

    I started one year out of college at 23 … it is now 26.5 years for me! I lost nearly 200lbs at 23, and after my thyroid died a few years back I gained weight again, and am 110+ lbs lighter than I was in 2012 when I turned 46 and in the best shape of my life!!

    Congrats and so glad your mom is still cancer free!

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  3. I just celebrated my 2nd run-iversary! I look at people who are just now “learning to run” and I have such great memories of my first running experiences and all the training that I did alone. I now have joined a running group and love being able to share Mommy stuff and running with others.

    Happy run-iversary to you!


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