I’m a Pro Compression Ambassador!

If you’ve seen any of my pictures, you know that I’m a huge Pro Compression fan and have been since I started running a few years ago.


I really dig their products while I’m running and during recovery too – if I’m running long or training, 9 times out of 10 you’ll probably catch me in over-the-calf PC’s out on the pavement AND after I’m done running too. Their socks make my legs so happy and keep my calves from cramping up or getting sore after a run – and on flights or long car rides they keep me from getting stiff too. So I’m thrilled to have been chosen as a Pro Compression Ambassador for 2016!

IMG_1653.JPGThis means I get to spread the PC love with giveaways, sales, and more – so I hope you’ll stay tuned and see how we plan to #keepittight in 2016!

12 thoughts on “I’m a Pro Compression Ambassador!

  1. Yay! Congrats on the ambassadorship. My friend Victoria represented in 2015 and I know she loved working with the company. 🙂

    Will you be at the April Fools half this year?

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      • I *think* it’s the day before? I’ll be there on Sunday. Is your race on Saturday? But YES! Let’s get together, yeah, yeah, yeah. (Please tell me you know the Parent Trap otherwise that will make no sense.)

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      • hahaha YES! Totally get it 😀 and you’re right, I run on Saturday, but I”m staying Sunday too! Will definitely be out there cheering you guys on and want to meet up before, after, whatever you’d like! I’ll be there 🙂


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