Runner’s World Half & Festival-Bound!

For as long as I’ve been running I’ve wanted to participate in the Runners World Half & Festival; it’s literally around the corner from me in a beautiful area I’m familiar with, and the awesome events around the races were a huge bonus too. Unfortunately due to timing and other circumstances it just hasn’t made it onto my race calendar.

This year, because I planned on running the Rock n Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon as my goal race the week before the RW Festival, I wrote it off as another loss, but then the folks at Runners World surprised me and asked me if I wanted to participate in the races as an Influencer. Well, I almost fell out of my chair trying to respond to them with a big ol’ YES and now I’m ready to run beautiful Bethlehem, PA this October!


I know for sure I’ll be running the 5K and 10K, but racing a half the weekend before, I’m not 100% sure I’ll be doing the half just yet. My training has been going really well so far and I don’t want to jinx anything, but if my legs are feeling good in the weeks before, I might consider it a “fun run” – how can I NOT jump feet first into such an awesome opportunity?

In addition to the races, I’m super stoked to check out all of the extra activities they offer: seminars, talks, advice, meet & greets – it’s going to be like Running Heaven. And because the RW Team is so cool they’ve even given me a code to give YOU 10% off your registration for ANY event! Simply register here with code JessRunsHappyBlog – and be sure to let me know, because I can’t wait to see you out there!

11 thoughts on “Runner’s World Half & Festival-Bound!

    • I hadn’t heard either! From what I understand it’s kind of an ambassadorship – they invited a small handful of bloggers and other social media “influencers” to come and see what it’s all about, and I was lucky enough to be selected this year! 🙂

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  1. That is awesome. I keep thinking that I need to block this into my schedule one year. Maybe next Fall i will finally do it! Although, I will be honest, the hills out there scare my sea-ish level central jersey wimpy on hills core.


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