Sometimes life throws you a curveball and your precious little older cat gets super sick and you sit up with her all night crying and googling what could be wrong with her then you take the day off work to get her to the vet where you find out it’s just a bad UTI and high fever and then you spend the rest of the day sitting on the floor next to her trying to get her to eat and praying the medicine starts working soon.

She’s doing mildly better now, 6 hours post-medicine and fluids, but I won’t be happy until she starts eating again. One unexpected bonus of being on the floor with my phone all day, though: it was super easy to shop away my feelings. 

I’ve been lusting after these Brooks Heritage babies for a while now and thanks to big online sales, I scored all 3 pairs for like 60% off. 

And now I’m about to uncork a fresh bottle of Cabernet because this mommy needs a drink.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes…

  1. Awww! Sick kitties are no fun at all. I’ve got one right now who is sneezing and congested…again. She’s sneezy and congested a lot, but this time just makes me nervous… I totally get what you’re going through. I hope she feels better soon!


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