Thursday Thoughts

So now that I’m properly caffeinated this morning – and I’ve had some time to unload the past 2 months of photos from my phone – I realize that it’s high time I update here! But because I’ve had a LITTLE too much coffee and not enough sleep, here’s a photo-heavy update on what I’ve been up to and what I’m looking forward to (in no particular order):

I ran another race in the city! 


Back in July I ran an (uneventful, hence no recap yet) average 4 miler with NYRR at the Boomer’s Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe. This was smack in the middle of my “off” period between spring racing and pre-fall training, so I purposely went out just to run, take in the sights of Central Park in the summer, and earn another race in my 9+1 for the 2017 NYC Marathon. Speaking of:


I’m only one race away! On October 30th I’m taking on the Marathon Kickoff 5M to earn my final credit for entry into the marathon! My first full, my first NYC… it’s getting real.

Training for the Rock n Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon has ramped up.

With my next half now less than a month away, I’ve been killing it on the mileage front – and my paces just keep getting better too. All of my long runs have been under 12:00/mile and I’m even gunning for a 5K PR at one of my two races this coming weekend.

But it’s taken a lot of work. As a result, my weekday nights are filled with post-work crosstraining and treadmill runs (because it has been HOT in NJ this summer), meaning I’m not getting home until late most nights. And on the weekend when I’m running long, I spend one full day prepping for, doing, and recovering from my long runs.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m SO lucky that my husband supports me in all this ridiculousness and cooks and takes care of the house while I’m out running, because otherwise we would be eating a lot of dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets and pasta. I mean, we ARE eating that a lot, but if not for him, we’d be eating it ALL the time. Plus the lawn would be a jungle. Thanks, babe.

I got a new bike!


After struggling through two sprint triathlons last summer on my beat up old mountain bike, I finally caved and got myself a new, speedier bike. I noticed an IMMEDIATE difference – I’m so much faster and lighter, it takes virtually no effort to get going once I get on the bike. In my first tri on it, I shaved nearly 15 minutes off my time from last year to this year. And while I’m not 100% ready to make the jump from two legs to two wheels (I’m still Jess RUNS Happy, after all), this new toy has been an invaluable part of my training and fitness plans this summer.

I hung out with the Brooks team in NYC.


A few weeks ago I had the chance to participate in a fun little video shoot with the Brooks folks in NYC. While I can’t spill the beans about it just yet, I promise you guys are going to love what’s in store.

While this is just a quick peek (I still owe you guys a recap of my triathlon!), there’s how my summer has gone in a nutshell. How about you? Tell me everything!

11 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Hi Jess!

    Wow. NYC is a bucket list dream of mine and I’ve thought about the daunting 9 races garenteed entry. How hard was it? I’m a Jersey girl, so I imagine you live in the city which makes it a bit easier.

    I’m looking forward to your triathlon recap! I’m thinking about making that a 2017 goal!

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    • I’m a jersey girl too! It really wasn’t too tough to get the 9+1 to be honest, but I’m lucky because I live next to a train station and could hop on a train and be at the starting line in about 90 minutes. It’s definitely a commitment, but spreading it out over a year is definitely doable 🙂 And you should totally try a tri! It was a huge scary thought before I did it, but it’s such a fun accomplishment, especially the sprint distance. If you’re in Jersey I highly recommend the Jersey Girl Triathlon down in Long Branch in August. It’s perfect for first timers and a VERY supportive group on facebook and in person at group swims and workouts and stuff before. 🙂

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      • Thanks so much for the advice. I think the 9 races might be my ticket in someday lol and I def think I might check out the jersey girl tri! I know I can run but the swimming is the daunting part.

        I’ve also seen the cape may tri where you jump off the ferry to start. That looks pretty cool too!

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      • oh my goodness the cape may tri is the one that scares me! lol – I’ve heard horror stories of people losing their contact lenses or goggles on the jump, some were even too scared to jump and had to be pushed! I think that would be me – I’d freeze up and hold up the line and end up having to get shoved in screaming lol

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  2. great update Jess! very cool on the bike – i caught the triathlon bug a few years ago and would love to give it another shot…in the meantime, i’ve ran 5 marathons this year, doubling my all-time count to 10 with 1 more to come in November! Good luck with your Fall racing, Cheers!

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