Mile 26

Real Talk: The TCS New York City Marathon left me turned off about running. With having to put our cat to sleep the day after the race and dealing with injuries for months post-race, I never felt that post-marathon high.

I deleted almost all of the pictures from that day off my phone. But for some reason, I couldn’t delete this one: the Mile 26 marker.

I still remember how I felt when I snapped this picture. Every inch of my body hurt. It was dark and rainy, spectators had all gone home. When I saw Mile 26 I thought “Who cares. There’s no triumphant final push left in me, why should I take a picture?”

But I did, and every time I clean my camera roll, I still won’t delete it. It took me 7 months, but now I know why: because it was the lowest point I’d been at in months… BUT I KEPT GOING.

I got that medal. I pushed through a mental and physical hell I created for myself over 25+ miles through the five boroughs of NYC and I survived, just like I’ve survived every other “lowest” point in my life. It’s a reminder that there’s always something to look forward to, even if I have to go through just .2 more miles of hell to get to it.

When you get to your Mile 26, just keep going. I know it hurts. But it’ll be worth it.

8 thoughts on “Mile 26

  1. You are a rockstar and I love this post! We all have our .2’s to overcome and it’s important to share that life isn’t always amazing selfies and triumphant PR’s. Love you!

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  2. I know how you feel! I just ran my first marathon but had so much drama with my family after the race, that I never got that post-race high. Such a bummer, we train so hard and for so many weeks for that feeling. To not get it really stinks.

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  3. This is terrible to admit to people in the running community, but honestly, one of the reasons i’ve never ever considered a marathon is that it would be either spending 6+ hours alone, in pain (if i picked a small race) OR ending in the dark like this (if I picked a large race). City races intimidate me to begin with – i’m a country/shore girl – and also, the thought of running for 5+ hours just to TRAIN alone, slowly plodding along with just my own thoughts… sounds terrible to me. I see all of these tales of “awesome fabulous times” at marathons… and what i wrote above is actually what I picture. #truth. Thanks for sharing – its a good reminder that its not all what I see on the internet. And kudos to you for your honesty AND for your bravery to FINISH!

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    • Thank you SO much for saying this – because this is exactly it! When people excitedly ask me when my *next* marathon is, I say no and they talk down to me like I’m a person who says I don’t want kids… “You’ll change your mind, just wait and see!” I appreciate that you think you know my life, but do go on and tell me what I will or will not want to put my body through 😉 ❤


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