Why Rey of “Sunshine”?

How did I get the name for this new section of my blog? Sure, Rey is a pretty obvious choice, and the pun on being a “ray of sunshine” always makes me giggle. But the name Sunshine has a double meaning for me:

Ever since I was a baby, my mom would sing me “You Are My Sunshine”, and it’s always reminded me of her. So much so, in fact, that it inspired my first tattoo:

Now, while my mom was around when the original trilogy came out, she never became a fan. But when The Last Jedi came out, she asked if we could go see the movie together, and I melted from happiness. I tried explaining that she might not know who some of the people were and it could get confusing, but she didn’t mind – she just wanted to go see the movie that made me “so happy”. Could you just squeal??

So after giving her a crash course in the new trilogy, we watched TLJ and loved every second of it. I caught her laughing and smiling along. The crowning moment of my life, though, came when Luke is training Rey on the ledge and she describes what she sees. When they briefly show a mama porg shielding her little babies, my mom went, “AWWWW!” right there in the theater. My mama porg ❤

After the movie, we went out to IHOP and I mentioned to her that my goal for 2018 was to join the Rebel Legion so I could go on troops at children’s hospitals and other charity events. She was thrilled for me, and even asked me how the costume was coming in the next few months.

When she and my father finally came out to see me at a troop, and it all came full circle. As we walked through the convention floor, a little girl ran up to me for a photo. My parents stepped away and looked on as I told the little one to put her hand on my staff and we posed for the picture. Afterwards, my mom mentioned how cool it was that these kids get to see their favorite characters, and how happy she was that I got to do that for them.

That’s when it hit me: every time I strap on those belts and pull my hair into those buns, I can be a “Rey” of Sunshine for these kids. And that’s how I got the name for this little corner of the internet!

One thought on “Why Rey of “Sunshine”?

  1. Omg….you have been my “Rey” of Sunshine since you were born. You have always been there for me and Dad. We have a special bond that only you and I can share. So if I can be a part of your journey…I will tag along. Love you forever….Mummy

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