May the Fourth Be With You

Since hurtling headfirst into the Star Wars fandom back in 2015, I’ve celebrated May the Fourth in increasingly ridiculous ways each year. IMG_1593 My first year, May 4th also coincided with a launch party I had a hand in planning at my job, so I coopted a small section of the party and created the Mos Eisley Cantina, complete with my little Sphere BB-8 and a Photo Booth with masks: The following year, with no parties in sight, I celebrated May the Fourth by surprising my coworkers with a pop-up Tosche Snack Station, complete with Princess Leia buns and Sarlacc Pit Dip.

That night, I attended a Paint & Sip party with my friend Jenny, where we got tipsy, created lightsaber paintings under the guidance of a guy dressed like Han Solo, and generally had too much fun.

In 2018, I was SUPER stoked: I had just started a new job at an incredible place, and wanted to treat all of my new coworkers with a full on feast… and they LOVED it.

IMG_1572 Before I could even get it all set up, people were calling friends from other departments to come and see the “party” I had created. IMG_1577 I took a risk in showing my “true” self to these folks and they ate it up – literally and figuratively. Really, there was like no food left by 10:30am. IMG_1586.jpg In fact, I made such an impression that HR saw fit to include a recap of the party on the office-wide TV screens for more than a week after the fact: img_1738.jpg After the office party, I had my heart set on another Paint & Sip event after having such a great experience the year before. Unfortunately, the only one near by was about an hour away, and I don’t know about you but paying $40 for a Paint & Sip night and only painting and not sipping because I have to drive is kind of lame. IMG_1647.jpg But the picture was sooooo pretty!!! Luckily, I have VERY talented friends, and after I lamented not getting to paint this gorgeous thing, my friend (who happens to live across the street from me) invited me over for our own local Paint & Sip and we did a pretty stinking good job if I do say so myself:
Do you celebrate May the Fourth? Do you have any party planning tips? Share in the comments!

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