Running in Place

In my 10 years of running (happy runniversary to me, btw), I’ve never hidden my love for the treadmill. Yes, running outside has its perks, and I’ll always love it, but having my pace set for me, music/Netflix/water at my fingertips, air conditioning, a bathroom nearby… everything about the treadmill appeals to me. I don’t find it boring like so many other runners I know who call it the “dreadmill”.

For basically all of my running career, I had various gyms at my disposal to get my treadmill runs in. And then, COVID-19 happened. Gyms were shut down temporarily, but the longer they stayed shut, the more the thought of working out/breathing heavily with a bunch of strangers in an enclosed space with a windows that don’t open became unthinkable.

That’s why I threw out a lifeline on Facebook one evening in the form of a question I asked maybe once every year in the off chance that someone might reply:

“Does anyone have a treadmill they want to sell or get rid of?”

Fast forward two weeks, and behold: my virtually brand new baby.

An old friend from high school that I hadn’t spoken to since 2000 had been wanting to get rid of her treadmill for two years. A few months after buying it, she found herself unable to use it, so it sat in a spare room gathering dust all this time, seemingly waiting for me. After a few days of measuring and rearranging furniture, my husband and I picked it up on August 16th, spent a few hours sweating and swearing to put it back together, and just like that, I had my first treadmill.

Coupled with the Peloton app I’d discovered a few months prior, this was the game changer I had been waiting for.

All of the times I’d said that I’d run more “if I only had a treadmill”? I wasn’t lying, even to myself. Now that I have it, I have been so much more active in the 2 months since it became a part of my life. Every morning – or maybe every other morning some weeks, if I’m being honest – I get up, roll into running gear, brew some coffee and make my way to the treadmill where I get a minimum of 20 minutes in before my day starts. Sometimes I walk, sometimes I run, sometimes I do a bit of both.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I was working out sporadically, with anxiety and depression creeping in on the edges of my mind basically every time I stayed stagnant for too long. This machine – while some might call it a bore or a bastardization of what running really is all about – has given me an outlet that I didn’t even know I needed.

What do you think of the treadmill? How have you managed to cope with running through the pandemic?

7 thoughts on “Running in Place

  1. That is awesome!

    It is similar to how we got an elliptical for Lisa a few years ago – we had bought one that was awful and was an injury waiting to happen so she never used it “I’d exercise more if the elliptical wasn’t trying to kill me”. Coworker posted internally about an elliptical they wanted to get rid of and boom .. her new workout machine that has been awesome.

    And yeah, I am an always outdoors person – but I am a former football playing white guy, running in the wealthiest areas of the most affluent area of this region with a fairly low population density … so yeah, my situation doesn’t reflect reality that many face.

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    • I’m so glad she likes the elliptical! And yeah, you’ve definitely got a good thing going when it comes to being able to run outside! I won’t even get into the various times I’ve been followed or otherwise creeped on. This tread is a godsend.

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  2. Oh I am envious… Ran outside in the spring, back in the gym (not one with classes, and I go VERY early to avoid other people) from May til now, but… anticipate that it will have to close again with winter coming. Sigh. Then it will be outside when possible (brrr…) and doing other things (I bought a folding spin bike in April – I live in an apartment) until I can get out again. ENJOY! You look so happy!

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    • thank you! that’s exactly what I was concerned with too. Even if I was able to go back to the gym, who knows how long it would last this winter *pulls hair out* – I hope it stays calm for you and you get to stay as active as possible!


  3. I run outside at a trail near my job that I run on during the good weather months but when the weather turns cold I am on my treadmill. I live in Wisconsin so a treadmill is a blessing for rainy or dark days. I trained for a half on mine. I prefer outside but I don’t hate the mill.

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