How the Peloton App Changed My Life

I know, I know, it sounds dramatic. But after using it for nearly six months, I don’t think I can overstate just how much the Peloton app has improved my physical and mental game.

It all started when I was struggling to stay active during the pandemic. My motivation to push myself had all but disappeared, and we cancelled our gym membership as the hope of being safe in a gym faded more with each week the pandemic went on. I wanted to work out consistently, but I needed help. I’d heard about the Peloton app from friends that had the Bike and Tread, but… I was skeptical.


Peloton as a concept has been mocked endlessly. Who can forget the cheesy Peloton commercial that launched a thousand couch critics , or the exhausting “hot takes” from purist influencers mocking people for spending thousands of dollars on workout equipment when they can just run outside or get a cheap bike and hit the road. To those haters, I say: get a life. If you feel the need to berate or otherwise shame someone for buying a treadmill or a bike with a logo on it? Put the phone down, take a deep breath, and go eat an apple or something. And on the flip side, if you own Peloton equipment, good for you! I don’t give a f*ck how you spend your money, least of all on workout equipment. If buying a branded bike or treadmill helps you get and stay active? GO FOR IT.


…aaaanywaaaayyy! Popular opinion aside, the bigger concern I had was the cost. At $13/month, the app would be a new commitment. BUT, I reasoned, with the gym out of the equation, we were saving $40/month in membership fees. So I started the free one-month trial of the app and told myself to give it at least that long.

But after the first day, I was hooked.


Strength Training

The app interface is super easy to use, with an intuitive filtering function that allows you to sort and select classes by type, body area you want to focus on, length, difficulty, music type, and even by instructor. I started small with On-Demand strength training and HIIT classes, 10 minutes at a pop, before work and in between meetings: arms, back, legs, glutes, full-body… you name it, I did it. I learned the lingo, met all the various instructors, and left it all on the mat. Soon, I was stacking 3-4 mini workouts of 10-15 minutes on top of each other in one day.

My motivation came back in spades. I loved seeing badges add up in my profile, and the app’s integration with my Apple Watch encouraged me to get up and get going. There are challenges you can join within the app, and even training programs too.


Also, even though the On Demand classes are recorded, you can still see a count of how many other people are taking the class at the same time as you. In the middle of quarantine, there was something comforting to log on at a random time and find 7 other people in a class with me.

Walking & Running

In addition to the cross-training strength classes, I also took a few outdoor running classes with some success. It was easier to find the motivation to keep going farther than I’d normally go by simply selecting a 30- or 45-minute run and hitting the road. But everything changed when we lucked out and bought a second-hand treadmill.

Every morning, I rolled out of bed and onto the treadmill for short On Demand walking and running classes. 1-2-3 miles at a time, it added up. If I felt good – and most days, I did – I added another workout onto my schedule and kept going. Instructor Rebecca Kennedy quickly became my Peloton sensei (seriously, I’m convinced we were separated at birth because we have eerily similar upbringings and families).


I learned how to “high five” other participants, and squealed with joy when they returned the favor. Sharing workouts to social brought me tons of new encouragement from other Peloton fans, and I found my groove again. Soon, I was logging more miles, more often, and I was officially Pro-Peloton (App).


Just when I thought I couldn’t love the app anymore, I discovered yet another benefit when my therapist suggested I try daily meditation – and wouldn’t you know it, Peloton has that too!

And just like the more active classes, you can sort the meditation sessions by time, by intention, and more. And again, the participant list was reassuring, with an average of 10-20 people taking “Sleep” and “Rest Day” evening meditation classes “with” me most nights.

Funny story: I logged into an On-Demand “Acceptance” class just after midnight on election night and found 95 other people in the virtual room with me. I haven’t stopped laughing about that since.


LOTS of people apparently looking for tools to help them gain acceptance on election night, right along with me. 

I could go on, but I don’t think I have to; it’s safe to say I love this app and it’s only helping me more the more I use it. Next to the treadmill, paying the monthly app fee is the best investment I’ve made in my health in recent years. While I’ve already gotten so much use out of it for the past 6 months, I can easily see myself using it for the foreseeable future. And the best part is, there is really no risk of “running out” of workouts, either – there are HUNDREDS of classes On Demand, in every possible combination, with more being added every day. Yay for options!


Also: I’m not being paid by Peloton to talk up their app (god, I wish) – I just have gotten a lot of comments on Instagram about how I’m liking the app and figured I’d share my full thoughts here. With that said, now I want to hear from you: have you tried the Peloton app, or any of their equipment? How do you like it? 

8 thoughts on “How the Peloton App Changed My Life

  1. love my peloton bike and pelo community! got mine last december after knee surgery and really got into when the pandemic hit. I have a non-pelo treadmill and take the run classes on digital or take them outdoors. totally obsessed. 😉

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      • forgot to add, you should check out bootcamps too, bit of tread, bit of strength. My fav instructors are Adrian Williams, Becs, Robin on tread and Alex, Sam, Cody on bike. I was at the dentist yesterday and found out he got the bike during pandemic and I was so excited to talk to another ‘pelo person’ but then had to shut up and keep my mouth open for dental work. 😉

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      • lol I did see them but haven’t tried one yet! Perhaps that’ll be the next level I try and fall deeper in love with the app as a result hahah


  2. Love this. I’ve debated trying the free trial… right now, I go to my gym ridiculously early to avoid other people as much as possible. They come in when I am finishing up, but for the most part I am by myself and / or far from anyone else in the gym. Anyway, I’ve heard SO much about this app, and your endorsement makes me think even harder about it. Hope it continues to work for you. It sounds as though you are feeling so much better since you started this!

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    • Ahh yes it is definitely worth trying! I have done plenty of trials and canceled things and thought this would be the same way but it ended up really clicking 🙂


  3. I have to say I didn’t know that the commercial was an issue. I remember it, but didn’t think about it except to mock the people that spent THOUSANDS of dollars on a bike that went nowhere and required a monthly subscription. 🙂 I had never taken a spin class and didn’t see the draw. I had only seen snippets of fake classes on TV and always thought the purpose of the spin instructor was to kill the participants.

    My hubby decided to buy the bike after a friend or two talked it up. Since it was going to be months before we got it I decided to try out the app for free for a couple of months to see if I liked the instructors. Well, I only had a chance to try it out for less than a month because our bike arrived super speedy.

    Anyway . . . I had always been leery of subscription based recorded classes because (and I am showing my age here) there was a time when “no pain, no gain” and “pushing as hard as you can” was the norm in exercise. But now so many people have realized that there are different ways to exercise and it is just nice that people are reminded to honor what their body can do yet keep striving for more.

    I am not a competitive person AT ALL, so I never was into all the “rings” and things that other people saw on a watch. But, for myself, for my personal journey, I have to admit I love getting badges. And, the other day when I took my 10th ride I didn’t even know why I was getting so many high fives. I love that this community just smacks you when you hit a milestone. That was fun.

    I hit my thirty days with the app and four days with the bike and I still like it so far. How about you?


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