Treat Yourself Day

It’s Valentine’s Day (yay?), and instead of doing the usual post about how you need to go love everyone around you and blah blah blah, I’m here to tell you that today you should love yourself.

Yeah, it’s good to love everyone around you – significant others, friends, family, nice people in traffic, etc. Don’t *not* love them today. But in the midst of all the love-giving, don’t forget about yourself. Take some time today to really think about your journey up to this point. You’ve come a long way, baby!

fatboy slim

Yeah, well, it was either this or an old Virginia Slims ad.

Maybe you’re working towards a big promotion. Or perhaps you’ve tried a dozen times to learn how to knit and you refuse to give up as you slowly drown in a mountain of half-finished knitting projects. Or maybe you’ve beaten cancer? Run an ultra marathon? Made it to level 30 on Flappy Bird? The point is, wherever you’re at now, you’ve worked for it. And while some days you may not feel like a winner, today is the day to realize that you actually have a lot going for you!


So, on this day of love and hearts and warm fuzzies, I say – treat yourself. Take 10 minutes to go all Stuart Smalley in your bathroom mirror before bed tonight. Go get a pedicure. Pet a kitten. Or, do what I did, and splurge on that ridiculously obnoxious pair of Lululemon running shorts you’ve been stalking for 2 weeks that are finally in stock in your size.

tracker shorts

Of course if they gave me those legs I would have bought them 2 weeks ago.

So go ahead – treat yo self! And be sure to share in the comments how it goes. Unless treating yo self involves something NSFW, in which case, get down with your bad self and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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