Check Out My Weight Loss Story on PopSugar

A few days before the United NYC Half, someone from the NYRR press relations team reached out to me about an interview with I was so stoked – I really like their fun tips & tricks articles, and always wanted to be featured on their Weight Loss page! So I immediately responded, sent over some photos, and then race weekend madness quickly took over my life and – if you can believe it – I forgot about the whole thing! That is until last night, when I was cleaning through my inbox and found the original inquiry. I hadn’t gotten a final decision on if or when they’d share my story, but figured a quick browse through their site wouldn’t hurt.

So imagine my surprise when I scrolled down and found MYSELF, smiling back at me!


I was floored! It’s an awesome little piece that details my diet and workout plan a little more, so if you’re interested in the details like that, feel free to check it out on their page and leave some love in the comments there!

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