Extra, Extra!

In my journey to the United NYC Half Marathon, I was lucky enough for NYRR to share my story with the local media here in the tri-state area. As you’ve probably seen in previous posts, Shape Magazine did a profile on me, and I was also featured on PopSugar.com too!

I also had the amazing opportunity to meet with a reporter from my local TV news station, News 12 NJ, down at the park where I do most of my training. There, he interviewed me about my weight loss and running journey, got some footage of me in action, and put together this fun little clip that aired throughout the weekend before the race:

Prepping for the NYC Half Marathon from Jessica Skarzynski on Vimeo.

(Bonus points if you can spot Lucy the cat in the window in the background!)

I know – a whole world of technology at my fingertips and I recorded this on my iPad from a TV – but it’s still a fun little piece that I’m so excited to share with you guys!

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