Happy ACL-aversary!

This week marks 3 years since I broke up with my old busted left knee ACL (thanks to the work of my amazingly talented, trust-him-with-my-life doctor, Todd Ryan) and started a new, healthier relationship with a piece of my own patellar tendon in its place.


This was 3 weeks post-op. You don’t want to see it right after.

That’s right – 1/29 marks three years since I went under the knife to reconstruct my torn left ACL with my own tendon graft after twisting wrong out of a water stop during the Atlantic City Half Marathon in 2012.

That first year was tough, and I still don’t have perfect knees (what runner does?), but I’m grateful every day for that surgery and what it taught me.

I get asked a lot about the surgery and recovery, so in honor of my ACL-aversary, here’s a look back at my surgery journey through blog posts:

This doesn’t cover everything, but it’s a start. And as always, hit the comments with any questions or stories of your own – I love it all!

6 thoughts on “Happy ACL-aversary!

  1. Like you, I also had a knee injury that changed my life – although not an ACL injury, just a debridement. I wouldn’t wish knee surgery on anyone. The fact that they had me up and walking again the day after surgery still makes me sick – remembering the pain of learning how to ride a bike and walking normally again. It took a lot of PT to get to that point!

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    • OUCH, a debridemene sounds painful! And yes, the super speedy recovery stuff is a little nuts – my father had meniscus surgery and the next day they were telling him he could go out and mow the lawn! There’s something to be said about letting the body heal, take the time you need!


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