Runner for Hire

I’m starting to realize: running is an expensive hobby,  yo. Especially when I keep getting tempted by new destination races. Case in point: the email I just got from Disney announcing the Dark Side Challenge in Florida next year.


You know that feeling you get when you open the email about the April destination race series and immediately get the itchy trigger finger and start trying to figure out how to make it work when you haven’t even figured out how you’re going to pay for the destination race you signed up for in January? Yeah, I know that feeling too. FOMO (fear of missing out) is a very real thing, friends! I’d get to run with Kylo Ren! Kylo freaking Ren, you guys!

On a related note, does anyone have any odd jobs they want a semi-sarcastic, perpetually hungry runner to take care of for them? I’ll walk your dogs. Catch Pokemon for you. Dress up as Rey for your kid’s birthday party. I’m about 95% kidding, but who hasn’t considered taking on random tasks to fund their running addiction?

What destination races are on your bucket list – or your to-do list?

4 thoughts on “Runner for Hire

  1. Seriously. Things like races are the reason i stress myself out by adjuncting classes on the side, even though I know I probably don’t have the time. That, and target/marshalls clearance racks, and expensive beer. I’m such a sucker.


  2. I’m contemplating selling a kidney in order to fund some destination races. ANY of the Disney races is on my bucket list… and if I don’t go soon I might throw a massive temper tantrum. I am doing the Philly Chocolate Run in April, where we are making a weekend trip out of it. There’s also a race in Crater Lake National Park in Oregon that looks absolutely amazing… the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver, Washington, Oregon is a major bucket list trip for me).


  3. LOL just yesterday, I was figuring out which races I wanted to run before all the prices went up. I ended up having to cross a lot of them off my list because the costs were getting high, like $800 high, and I hadn’t even gotten to November races of next year. Sigh. The problem of being a running addict.


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